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Laurent Paquereau

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Centre for Quantifiable Quality of Service in Communication Systems.
Centre of Excellence (Q2S)

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Office: E-263
Phone: +47 735 92785

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Research area: QoS management by emergent behavior

Applying swarm intelligence techniques to wireless mesh networks
Wireless mesh networks (WMN) are an emerging class of networks. WMN are wireless backhaul networks constituted of static and grid-powered nodes and shall provide wireless access to the Internet over wide areas using a limited number of gateways. The idea lying behind is to turn isolated muti-hop ad-hoc networks into a flexible and low cost extension of wired infrastructures.
WMN networks are wireless multi-* networks; they may be multi-hop, multi-homed, multi-destination, multi-route, multi-channel, multi-interface, multi-technology etc. They present both opportunities - e.g. for multi-path routing load balancing using the intrinsic redundancy, channel diversity - and challenges - e.g. dependability, fairness, scalability and efficient usage of the radio resource.
The research work undertaken builds up on this last consideration and aims at applying the swarm intelligence heuristic to take up (part of) the challenges.

My supervisor is Professor Bjarne E. Helvik.

Part of this work is conducted within the EU FP7 Network of Excellence Euro-NF and its predecessors the EU FP6 Networks of Excellence Euro-NGI/Euro-FGI.



L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Ant-based systems for wireless networks: retrospect and prospects, in Proceedings of the sixth International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems (IWSOS), Delft, The Netherlands, 2012. invited paper. (DOI)


L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Ant-based multipath routing for wireless mesh networks, in Proceedings of the 8th European event on nature-inspired techniques for telecommunication networks and other parallel and distributed systems (EvoCOMNET), Torino, Italy, 2011. best paper award. (DOI)


L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Opportunistic ant-based path management for wireless mesh networks, in Proceedings of the seventh International Workshop on Swarm Intelligence (ANTS), Brussels, Belgium, 2010. (DOI)


J. Brugge, L. Paquereau and P. E. Heegaard, Experience report on implementing and simulating a routing protocol in ns-2 and ns-3, in Proceedings of the second International Conference on Advances in System Simulation (SIMUL), Nice, France, 2010. (DOI)


L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Revisiting the auto-regressive functions of the cross-entropy ant system, in Proceedings of the fourth International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems (IWSOS), Z├╝rich, Switzerland, 2009. (DOI)


L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Ensuring fast adaptation in an ant-based path management system, in Proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Models of Network, Information, and Computing Systems (BIONETICS), Avignon, France, 2009. (DOI) [slides]


S. Hachana, N. Montavont, L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Exploiting alternative paths in MHWNs: a source-based QoS routing approach, in Proceedings of the Infocom 2009 Student Workshop (Infocom - Student Workshop), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009. (DOI)


L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, Simulation of wireless multi-* networks in ns-2, in Proceedings of the second Workshop on NS2 (WNS2), Athens, Greece, 2008. best paper award. (DOI)


L. Paquereau and B. E. Helvik, A module-based wireless node for ns-2, in Proceedings of the first Workshop on NS2 (WNS2), Pisa, Italy, 2006. (DOI)

[PVH05] L. Paquereau, B. Å. Viken and P. E. Heegaard, Combining performance monitoring and location data in wireless networks, in Proceedings of Norsk Informatikkonferanse (NIK'05), Bergen, Norway, 2005.

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Extensions to ns-2

Extensions to ns-2 described in [PH06,PH08] are available as a patch for ns-2.34. More information...

Other activities



The following courses are part of my PhD education:

-First Euro-NF summer school: Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Meshed Networks Self-organization, Topology, Routing, Performance AnalysisSept. 2008
-Euro-FGI summer school: Simulation for Modeling of Future Generation InternetAug. 2007
TM8100Protocols for Cellular and Wireless ApplicationsSpring 2006
TM8101Dependability Analysis of ICT SystemsAutumn 2005/Spring 2006
TM8104IT-Security EvaluationAutumn 2005/Spring 2006
TTM4155Teletraffic theoryAutumn 2005


I was teaching assistant/lecturer in the following courses (Dept. of Telematics):

TTM4120Dependable SystemsSpring 2008
TTM4110Dependability and Performance with Discrete Event Simulation(*)Autumn 2006-07
TTM4100Communication - Services and NetworksSpring 2007

(*) Did you find any error or misprint in [EHHP12]? Do you have any comment? Please report to


P. J. Emstad, P. E. Heegaard, B. E. Helvik and L. Paquereau, Dependability and performance in information and communication systems - Fundamentals, Tapir akademiske forlag, 276 pp, 2012.

Master theses supervision


J.Brugge, Implementing and simulating the cross-entropy ant system. (together with P. E. Heegaard)

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